Of Pythons and Electric Dreams

Now, with a title like that, you can’t go wrong, huh?

No, you can’t.

I’ve been looking (longingly) at some electric cars lately. Gods, I want one of those. I’m especially looking at the NmG. I want one worse than I can ever explain.

I’ve also been looking at computers. Acer Aspire One. That’s what I want, and I want to put FreeBSD on it.

I’m kind of weird like that with technology. I love machines. I love technology. I’m not sure what it is about machines, but there’s something really powerful there. Something that commands my attention.

I’m also writing a game engine. It’s called Peachy Keen, and it is an engine built on top of Pygame. It is designed to be used to make platforming games, and uses XML to store its data. I don’t have much other than designs right now, but I’m going to start writing some of the actual code over the next couple of weeks.

I’m an entrant in Pyweek 8, and will hopefully finish this time around, unlike in Pyweek 7, where I struggled for six days, then gave up.

Anyway, that’s how things stand for me right now. I’m tired, but I’ll be writing more as it comes.


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