The Road to Pyweek — The Second Game

I’m currently trying to nail down the actual design of my game.

The core concept is that the player is a snake that can manipulate things with their tail.

I’m trying to decide how to implement that.

I was originally going to make a super-rich simulation, but now I’m thinking I’ll just do it simply, which is probably a better idea. Instead of being able to fully control their tail, the player will simply be able to grab at things with it. It’s a side-scrolling game, so that should be sufficient.

The theme is “Running on Ice”, which was chosen from a group of five by a group of my friends. I am implementing the theme by setting the game in northern Quebec, and making the temperature a gameplay element. (IE:If the player gets too cold, being a reptile, they will collapse)

I’m going to stop typing now and get to work! XD


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