The Road to PyWeek — The Plan for Saturday

I plan to get my entity and level code done today.

I’m also considering engaging in another game project during my breaks from the practice game, but I don’t have anything concrete yet.

I’m also planning on making an overworld map for the game, so the player can move between levels using it. I’m not sure whether I can get enough levels made for it by the end of the practice run, but I think I can manage it.


I’m getting somewhat excited, because I think I can get this done in time. I’ve greatly simplified the design of the game, nailing the game’s objects down to the following:

  • The Player
  • One enemy type (“Yetis”)
  • Six Items (Coins, Health Powerups, Warmth Powerups, and three types of food)
  • Three types of terrain (Ice, Snow, and Stone)
  • The Level Goal (A signpost at the end of each level)

With the plans narrowed down this far, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get this done.

I may wind up revising my plans for what to do when, but some early mornings should help that rigth along.


My current plan is to have twenty (short) levels on a single map.

I’m not sure whether I’ll really be working on this once PyWeek is over, though. I’m not overly enthused about the idea behind it.

Ah well, it’s been fun so far finding ways to simplify my code. I’ve found lots of way to make things simpler, especially by separating things into different classes. 🙂

Anyway, I should get back to work.



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