A New Game Project

I’ve started a new game project, which will be my primary focus after PyWeek.

The (tentative) title of the game is Scarlet Rose. It is a game about an adventurer named Alexis, whose grandfather’s sword was stolen by a gang of thieves. The title comes from the protagonist’s nickname, which is, obviously Scarlet Rose.

The sword doesn’t have any magical properties, there’s no long history between Alexis’ grandfather and the thieves, or any other cliches like that. It’s just valuable, and very important to Alexis’ grandfather.

The game will feature advanced combat mechanics, with complex controls for the game’s various weapons. The game will handle melee weapons by way of a combo system, where the player can perform different types of attacks (Such as a low slash or lunge with a sword, or a horizontal or overhead chop with an axe) in sequence, stringing them together into combos.

The game will feature a quest system, which will be used to form the structure of the plot, as well as give the player chances to acquire special items.

The game will have an open world, where the player can go anywhere anytime. Game progress will be driven by advancing the plot. If the player stumbles across the thieves’ hideout and manages to trash all of them, including the leader, and get the sword, then that’s that. They’ve beaten the game.

The game’s world will be semi-randomly generated. It will be broken into regions which are in fixed relative locations, but the details of those regions will be randomly generated. The layouts of towns will be randomly-generated, as will some of the contents, such as houses, characters, some shops.

The game will most likely use the Soya3D engine, and be aimed towards Linux and *BSD users, but I may have a change of heart and write it in C++ using OGRE, OIS, OpenAL, and ODE. I’m not really sure.

If I use Soya3D, input will also be handled just fine. In C++, I can use OIS. OIS is likely more robust, come to think of it, because it’s a dedicated library. Hm.

I’m probably going to store any data the game does use in XML format. Well, besides meshes, textures, sounds, and the like. Things like quests, character stats, and maybe even saved games could be readily stored in XML format, though.

It’s stil in the early stages of design, but I’ve got high hopes for it! (Provided I can see it through ^^;)

I’ll post about it again when I have some more details. I’m also going to be looking for project hosting, for which I’ll probably use SourceForge, but may go to GoogleCode instead. Not sure.

I think this is the kind of idea I’ve been looking for. It’s ambitious, big, and could make a very fun game. And it gives me the chance to learn new things, including maybe multiple libraries. đŸ˜€



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