Scarlet Rose — Weapons

I don’t have much new information on Scarlet Rose, but I do have a tentative list of weapons.

  1. Shortsword
  2. Broadsword
  3. Longsword
  4. Claymore
  5. Dagger
  6. Warhammer
  7. Maul
  8. Battleaxe
  9. Bow
  10. Crossbow
  11. Musket
  12. Lance
  13. Spear
  14. Halberd
  15. Flail
  16. Heavy Flail
  17. Club
  18. Sling
  19. Throwing Knife
  20. Staff
  21. Mace
  22. Javelin

A few notes:

Arrows and crossbow bolts will be counted as separate types of ammunition.

Muskets and slings will both fire bullets. There will, though, be stone bullets which may break a gun, and pebbles, that only a sling can fire. Muskets will also use gunpowder.

All weapons (Besides the sling) exist in multiple grades of power. These are generally a heirarchy from iron to steel to either adamantium or mithril, sometimes with wood before iron.

The exception to this is the musket. There are four upgraded muskets, with different capabilities.

  • Marksmans’ Musket — Longer Range, More Accurate; Slower Loading, Uses More Gunpowder
  • Dragoons’ Musket — More Damage, Faster Loading; Less Accurate, Uses More Gunpowder
  • Repeating Musket — Holds Twenty Bullets, Uses Less Gunpowder; Less Accurate, Less Damage
  • Boomstick — Fires Six Bullets at a Time, Lots More Damage; Uses Lots More Gunpowder, Much Less Accurate

The heavy flail was taken from a DnD rulebook (Players’ Handbook 3.5), and I’m not sure whether such a thing ever actually existed, but it is a polearm with a large bludgeon mounted on a chain down at the end.

I hope to have some specifics as to the combat mechnics some time in the next few days. ^_^



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