Character Concept — Aqua

I have thought up a character concept that I want to write down for future use.

The character’s name is Aqua. She is an android powered by a hydrogen engine that is fueled by water.

The character would likely exist in a setting where a method of efficient electrolysis was discovered, so that an android-sized machine could have an on-board electrolysis mechanism.

Aqua has a cheerful disposition, and a never-say-die attitude. She always keeps her chin up, no matter what. She is a bit careless at times, and sometimes ends up in trouble because she didn’t have the caution that she should have. She is a bit clumsy, as well.

Aqua is a combat robot, and is equipped with a pair of lasers mounted on her left forearm. She is also equipped with a set of hydrogen-powered boosters.

She stores oxygen and hydrogen in tanks on her back, and has steam exhaust vents on her shoulders.

Aqua has deep green eyes and black hair tied back in a ponytail. She has blue armor on her upper torso and forearms, and azure boots. The rest of her body is covered in a light grey skin, aside from her head and face, which have a creamy complexion. She has soft features, and an expressive face.

I don’t have much else to write about the character, but I thought I’d write all that down, for after I’m done with my current game project. I’d like to put her in a game.



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