Pyweek is Over — What comes next

Yes, after a week of emotions, programming, drawing in Inkscape, and uploading demos, Pyweek has ended!

Judging is still in progress, but I’ll post my scores and placing when they are in.


I’ve been thinking about what comes next in my life.

I’ve been considering competing in the Pyggy Awards, which is a three-month follow-up to Pyweek. I think, though, that I want to take a break from my Pyweek game for a while first.

That said, I’ve been kicking around a few ideas for what to do with my newfound spare time.

First, I will start work on Penelope. I like the concept, and I think it would be a good one to pursue.

Second, there will be two other projects I will work on, both in Ruby/SDL

All three of these are long-term projects


In addition, I will consider entering the Pyggy awards. I was originally very excited about them, but had no idea about how bored I would get of my game!

But eh, I’ll probably enter in it. I just won’t be devoting 100% of my time to it like I did during Pyweek.

That’s about all I really have to say. Like I said earlier, I’ll post the Pyweek results for my game later, for the curious.




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