Shelving Polly — Writing an Adventure Game

April 28, 2009

Pyweek thus far has shown me numerous design errors that were present in Polly’s Adventure.

Until I can resolve those issues, I’m extending its stay on the shelf.

I will instead be working on something else entirely. I will be working on an adventure game.

The (tentative) title of the game is Penelope, after its protagonist.

The Plot:

One day, in the kingdom of Brickton, just outside of the town of Redlow, a young woman named Penelope Green nervously approached an old wizard’s house. You see, Penelope was seeking a solution to a problem. She had always been sad, for as long as she could remember. Now, her life was fairly  comfortable, she sold flowers in the market, and that kept her fairly comfortable. She was still sad. She felt ugly, unloved, and like her life was pointless.

Penelope thought that surely the wizard would be able to help her.

When she entered, she was greeted by a large raven that stared at her and cawed loudly. There was the sound of footsteps, and an old man in a blue robe entered the room. He greeted her warmly, and Penelope mumbled a reply.

She told the wizard her story. He thought a moment, and then a wise grin spread across his face. He hurried to a shelf, and picked up a bottle full of a blue liquid.

He handed the bottle to Penelope, telling her to drink the bottle at the dawn of the next day. He said that the process was not an easy one, but that it was fully possible.

Penelope hurried home, and lept into her bed. She had finally found a cure for her sorrow!

The next morning, Penelope got up and popped the cork out of the bottle. The liquid smelled of berries, and shimmered a bit in the morning light. She drank the elixir in one gulp, and waited for it to take effect.

Penelope felt a tingle, and then passed out. When she awoke, she quickly realized that she had been tranformed into a fox!

Tears formed in her eyes. She had been tricked by the old wizard, and now she would be forced to live amongst the animals for the rest of her life!

The raven who had greeted Penelope at the wizard’s home perched in the windowsill. She looked up and glared at the bird, cursing its appearance in her mind.

The raven let out a devilish chuckle, then cleared his throat. He told Penelope that the wizard had decided that she needed to learn to enjoy things in life, and that she was being given a break from her routine to help her do so. The raven continued, saying that when she could demonstrate that she had found joy, the wizard would be happy to change her back.

He then stood a moment, scolded her for glaring at him because he had nothing to do with the whole affair, and then took off into the sky.

The game starts here

That’s what I have so far. Well, and this:

The game will be played from an overhead perspective, and will be tile-based. It will be written in Ruby using GTK+, with a GTK::Drawable serving as the display screen, and regular GTK+ widgets and frames forming the remainder of the interface.


The secret to finishing games… D-:

April 26, 2009

I just saw Pymike’s warmup game on the Pyweek website.

How does he do that?! D:

I… Can’t finish a game.

*Sigh* I guess I just need to keep working…


It’s bloody hot here! D:

April 25, 2009

I hate Michigan summers. 😦

It always seems to get hot before I’m ready.

Ah well, that’s life, I guess.

Hoodang, relaxing day! Now back to work!

April 24, 2009

I’ve decided to cut my day off short. I feel better, I feel relaxed, and I am bored out of my skull.

I’ve made some tentative decisions about Polly’s Adventure. I’ve been changing my mind alot in the last couple of days. I’ll post the details, though, when I get them worked out in my head and in text. ^_^


Takin’ A Break Today

April 24, 2009

Today, I’m gonna take a break. I’m going to be lazy, get nothing done, and maybe even go out to the park for a walk.

I need to de-stress, I need to exercise, and I need a break.

Might update here or on Twitter, but I’m not going to work today. My C++ exam project can wait until tomorrow, studying for the CO230 exam can wait until tomorrow, and every project I have started can wait until tomorrow.

Today, I relax. =^..^=


Dvorak — Last Thoughts

April 20, 2009

After having used dvorak for a couple days, I decided to switch back to QWERTY on my laptop.

It seems that I’m not a dvorak person. It was fun for a couple days, but it got tiresome very quickly.

Ah well, it was an experiment. XD


Scarlet Rose — Weapons

April 20, 2009

I don’t have much new information on Scarlet Rose, but I do have a tentative list of weapons.

  1. Shortsword
  2. Broadsword
  3. Longsword
  4. Claymore
  5. Dagger
  6. Warhammer
  7. Maul
  8. Battleaxe
  9. Bow
  10. Crossbow
  11. Musket
  12. Lance
  13. Spear
  14. Halberd
  15. Flail
  16. Heavy Flail
  17. Club
  18. Sling
  19. Throwing Knife
  20. Staff
  21. Mace
  22. Javelin

A few notes:

Arrows and crossbow bolts will be counted as separate types of ammunition.

Muskets and slings will both fire bullets. There will, though, be stone bullets which may break a gun, and pebbles, that only a sling can fire. Muskets will also use gunpowder.

All weapons (Besides the sling) exist in multiple grades of power. These are generally a heirarchy from iron to steel to either adamantium or mithril, sometimes with wood before iron.

The exception to this is the musket. There are four upgraded muskets, with different capabilities.

  • Marksmans’ Musket — Longer Range, More Accurate; Slower Loading, Uses More Gunpowder
  • Dragoons’ Musket — More Damage, Faster Loading; Less Accurate, Uses More Gunpowder
  • Repeating Musket — Holds Twenty Bullets, Uses Less Gunpowder; Less Accurate, Less Damage
  • Boomstick — Fires Six Bullets at a Time, Lots More Damage; Uses Lots More Gunpowder, Much Less Accurate

The heavy flail was taken from a DnD rulebook (Players’ Handbook 3.5), and I’m not sure whether such a thing ever actually existed, but it is a polearm with a large bludgeon mounted on a chain down at the end.

I hope to have some specifics as to the combat mechnics some time in the next few days. ^_^