Project — Polly’s Adventure — Learning Pyglet

April 23, 2009

I’ve got a concept. A real, concrete concept. It’s not the intense thing that I originally had in mind, but it’s a fine concept, I’d say.

The title of the game is Polly’s Adventure, and it is a platform game.

It will use the Pyglet multi-media library and Team Super Effective’s Squirtle extension.

The game’s protagonist is a fox girl named Polly. Polly’s cookie jar has been stolen by the Locktooth Gang, a gang of thieves who have been plagueing the countryside, stealing everything from desserts to priceless treasures.

The player assumes the role of Polly as she tries to recover her cookies, and stop the Locktooth Gang from stealing any more.

Over the course of the game, the player will come across various types of items. These range in purpose from restoring the player’s health to giving them new abilities.

I’ll post more details after I’ve written some of the design document. ^_^



The Road to PyWeek — Third day of the Third Practice Run

April 10, 2009

I’m going to (Hopefully) get my image assets done today, as well as maybe some more code.


It’s 3:15 or so here in Michigan. I got up at 2:00. AM. 2:00 AM.


I like to go to bed in the early evening so I can wake up at two or three in the morning. One of my public speaking classmates claims that this is “Definintely not the norm”. I suppose I’d have to agree. Heh.


And, back to work!